It was a lazy Sunday, when I first saw you. I cursed the camp but who knew it would bring me to you.
What caught my eye was your smile, so full of life that I could shy.
And then you swept me off my feet, when we met at the feast.
Your soothing voice, that comforting feel was all I could think of when I wasn’t asleep.
All those moments spent with you, got imprinted forever within my soul.
I lost track of time when I was with you, car parking and OPD 21 became the favorite spots I know.
And that’s when I knew that I am in love with the bearded man who remained aloof of this fact.
There I would stand watching you, walking around stroking your hair, wondering if you knew.
Nothing could have made me happier than hear those very words from you, that echoed in my heart all along.
Heavenly was the feel when we kissed, my hands in yours were meant to be.
But alas dreams are short lived and blown off, I wake up to find that you are long gone,
My fragile heart will keep going on, and now I stand at the edge of this new dawn.
Here I am remembering you, missing my friend’s presence in all that I do.
Wishing that things had ended different, my heart cries out loud while my brain stays indifferent.
Maybe it’s time to let go of you, maybe this is the best that I can do.
But as I say goodbye, I wish you luck and I remember your smile that caught my eye, so full of life that it keeps me alive


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