My Love, My Life

IMG_3426 IMG_3427

Alone you enter this world, solo you leave,
Nothing you possess, stays forever with thee,
That’s what I hear every other eve.
But that ain’t true for me,
I did come empty handed but, I do possess something,
A Scorpio, not-so-easy to handle.
Full of energy, my not-so-little-anymore toofan.
Came as an early birthday present to me,
And since then has been the sunshine over me.

From mini-tea parties to gruesome chappal fights,
From Pottermania to… well it always will be Pottermania for us.
From heartbreak blues to late night Greys,
From Blyton days to Archer craze,
From cycle rides to long car drives,
Each memory just keeps me alive.
Nothing moves me like when she cries.

The colourful letters that slid under my locked door,
The long hours we spend on video chat rooms,
Often keep me away from being gloom.
Stapoo on terrace and chasing snakes away,
Have always been our strong forte.

From Amity to MIT, you followed me to college,
You held my hand when I was in pain,
Helped me get going and kept me sane.
No matter how many miles separate us,
The zillion gallons of ocean that lie in between,
My little chatter-box you stay close to me.
Bond by blood, imprinted with ink,
My little devil, I shall always spoil you.
My love, my life, I possess you.

Still my one and only….



4 thoughts on “My Love, My Life

  1. Hi Vani! this is so well written and takes one around the beautiful past, wonderful present and awesome future you two share.. 🙂 Special Indeed. Ch33rs to you two


  2. Sisters are really special and nothing else comes even close to it. Can totally relate to this 🙂 Can I please share this with her?


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