Don’t be afraid to listen to that little beat you hear constantly,
The rhythmic sound resonating through your system,
Don’t worry if it asks you to feel something,
Yes, feel. You can do that.
Remember ‘the once upon a time’?
When the beat hastened and became loud,
With every sight of her,
When that one look was enough to miss one of those beats,
The excitement, the ecstasy, the joy.

Why do you not feel it again?
Just because you were broken once?
Why are you so scared?
So empty?
Is it so difficult to let go and be vulnerable?
To once again feel the excitement, the ecstasy, the joy,
The one that lasts for more than just a few minutes.
Remember when you heard violins play?
When you smiled for no reason,
That tingling feeling, butterflies in stomach.

It’s simple, let go, take the leap of faith,
Love is a gamble, you lose many, you win few.
But it’s amazing when it stays,
Don’t you give up, not yet.
Give it another chance,
Let the beat hasten and get loud once again,
With every sight of her.


Just don’t be afraid to feel once again..
(Just the way she feels for you..)



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