Pause. Refresh. Restart

Where are you? Where are you lost? Lost within? Lost in the race? The race to what? Where does it take you? Just pause. Pause for a second. Look around you. Yes, there does exist a life around. There are people, some who do care for you. You don’t realize just when you hurt them. … Continue reading Pause. Refresh. Restart


My Love, My Life

  Alone you enter this world, solo you leave, Nothing you possess, stays forever with thee, That’s what I hear every other eve. But that ain’t true for me, I did come empty handed but, I do possess something, A Scorpio, not-so-easy to handle. Full of energy, my not-so-little-anymore toofan. Came as an early birthday … Continue reading My Love, My Life

Swipe left or Swipe right? ‘Dating’ in today’s era.

Part 1.. My short lived experience in online dating via these so called dating apps which are in reality just hook up apps, which claim to have filtered the lot and have the cream of well-groomed and sophisticated guys as their members is as follows. I can’t really comment on the kind of girls because … Continue reading Swipe left or Swipe right? ‘Dating’ in today’s era.