Pause. Refresh. Restart


Where are you?
Where are you lost?
Lost within? Lost in the race?
The race to what? Where does it take you?
Just pause. Pause for a second.
Look around you. Yes, there does exist a life around.
There are people, some who do care for you.
You don’t realize just when you hurt them.

Not once…

Stop juggling with a hundred different things.
Take a breath.
Appreciate the little things.
Cause that’s what counts in the end.
You keep yourself occupied.
Occupied with a lot of things.
You ain’t a rat, stop this race.
Live. Laugh. Love.

It’s easy to hurt someone,
But it ain’t easy to mend what’s broken.
Enjoy the happiness in little things.
I know you got troubles,
Troubles that bother you.
But who here exists without them?
Just take a break, a moment to look at where you are headed.
If you don’t, you will find none sticking out there for you anymore.
Surrounded by people, yet lonely.
That ain’t a life you can live.

Just Pause. Refresh. Restart.

The little me.



2 thoughts on “Pause. Refresh. Restart

  1. Perfect! I absolutely agree that we need to take a Pause and count our blessings, count them one by one. Then start the next moment/phase/day with a wide smile and nothing to lose 🙂


  2. So well crafted!! Thats what we need to learn pause and refresh :).Life is much more than what we believe. it just needs to be explored…


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